You Never Get A Second Chance..

The saying goes, You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We remember this adage when it comes to how we represent ourselves. But how can we relate that to our business?

Your reception area / waiting area can speak volumes visually about your company. What can it say? It can say what is important about your business. It can keep images in front of your customers and clients. It can relate feelings of warmth and who you are in subtle ways.

Acrovyn Wall Protection has panels that are a wood veneer, textured, patterned or you could customize your own! These unique panels can add splashes of color and texture to blank walls or frosted panels can still maintain privacy without compromising your existing space. These panels are affordable, you can still hang art or handrails on them, and they are easy to maintain and clean.

periodic-table-pictureIf remodeling your reception area isn’t in your budget at this time, maybe think about how you can keep your product in front of your customers. Pittsburgh Corning introduces Expressions glass block. Imagine your logo etched artistically into the glass to display in your reception area. You could easily display your products or services on multiple glass blocks arranged to make a statement about your company. If you want to get your feet wet in something trendy while updating your reception area, try their Solar Wall Tubes. They add light and a splash of color to any decor.


Finally, from Space Plus, we update the cubicle type reception area!  Frosted panels on sliding track replaces the old open-style cubicle with modern style and privacy. Any reception area can benefit from glass room dividers in various configuration. Imagine the impression you have on your clients when you step close to a wall panel and a sliding barn door opens into a conference room or a hallway.


Of course we can’t talk about First Impressions without leaving you with some “magic”. Concealite has incorporated invisibility into their sprinklers, alarm systems, and emergency lighting. ConcealArt Sprinklers are designed to match your tile, wood, marble, or stone ceiling so your clients see your office and not the fire protection system. These products blend functionality into aesthetics making your reception area more of a statement and less of a space that’s generic.

The time for waiting is over. Make a good first impression today. Call us for a consultation and estimate. Thad Claggett



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