Storms of Life

Ohio winters can be brutal. Let’s face it, the exterior of your building can be difficult to maintain. We have some interesting solutions:taktl 2

TAKTL – If you’re looking for wall panels, cast corners, facades, screens, louvers and fins, look no further. This ultra-high performance concrete is four times as strong as traditional concrete and stands up to demanding conditions. Cold, icy winters and humid summers are no problem since cap pores eliminate freeze/thaw degradation. You can choose from standard colors, textures and aggregate. These concrete panels can be married with glass panels to customize a look unique to you.


Shildan Terracotta Sunscreen – Imagine cladding buildings with screens and louvers engineered to maximize “sun exposure”? The vertical battens act as louvers and add a visual aspect to break up long rows. The high strength exterior walls reduce cooling loads. The rainscreen methods leave a gap between the exterior and weather barrier that channels water away.




Endicott Thin Brick – Endicott’s distinctive pallet gives you freedom to customize your project. The lightweight construction allows for quick installation, economical cost, durability, fire resistance, and increased insulation. If you want a brick veneer without the difficult maintenance, Thin Brick is a product to resethin brickarch. Thin Brick is available in many sizes and colors.






Reynobond NC rounds out our product spotlight. Their coil coated double reynobondsheet panel Reynobond redoffers a 30 year finish warranty. These aluminum composite panels combine the flatness of aluminum with the dent resistance of sheet metal.  The double sheet panels can be shaped in ways to create attractive facades. Color and finish options include Colorweld 500 finishes, Design Lone finishes, PrismFX finishes and CID Retail finishes.

No matter what the weather brings, Claggett and Sons can assist you in making your building more energy efficient, more durable, and more of a reflection of your business.

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