Out on a Limb?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” A solution seems simple but it took a visionary to bring it to fruition. We recently completed a couple of projects and they reminded us again to think outside the box. One project was an industrial customer and the other was a mom and daughter who needed a quiet place to read, work and study. At Claggett & Sons, Inc., we look at projects from multiple perspectives. How does this benefit you?

Scenario #1: You need a small office space in your warehouse or manufacturing plant. There is no floor space for it. Who says you have to keep your feet on the ground? Why not build a mezzanine and take your office to a new level? We can manufacture custom steel mezzanines for this or any other purpose and install them into your facility with no down-time to you.




Scenario #2: What if you still need a small office where you can “get away” but still be close? Perhaps you could build an office into a thermodynamic hill or you could use your office surroundings and incorporate it in a tree or grove. Imagine stepping out into a tree-house like structure – lighting and a canopy between the business and your out-structure would complete this mini-office. We can customize to fit any situation, depending on the size of your structure, you could easily use the underneath for storage of golf carts / fork lifts or light machinery that gets utilized every day.

IMG_9226 IMG_9342 IMG_9343 IMG_9346Hill househill house 2

Scenario #3: You have one conference room and you have outgrown it. It would be nice to set something up further on your property to accommodate all the cars and people without disrupting your work day.  Perhaps a pre-engineered yurt building is the thing you need. You can add plumbing for kitchen and restroom facilities while maintaining an openness that you can’t find in your manufacturing plant’s conference area.


As your general contractor, we look to the obvious and not-so-obvious areas to specifically target your needs. Call us today for ideas and an estimate!


Thad Claggett

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