Now THIS is comfortable!

denimInsulationCan you name a building product that is made from something you have worn, but has been recycled into a high-performing product that is safe for  you and the environment? If your answer is your old blue-jeans, you are right! Denim is now being recycled into insulation, radiant barriers and sound absorption panels. It’s safe, non-toxic, easy to install without all the protective gear. If you are looking for an alternative in the fiberglass market without giving up any of the benefits, you will want to consider denim insulation.

Thad Claggett



UltraTouch Denim Insulation: This is a Class-A fire rated rolled insulation with an R rating of 13 (for 3.5” thick). The recycled denim fibers are treated with a non-toxic mold resistant solution making this insulation safe to install. UltraTouch also controls sound and noise transmission by trapping and isolating sound waves. You can earn LEED credits with this product, as well.



UltraTouch Natural Cotton Radiant Barrier: This, too, is made from recycled denim and cotton fibers and brings superior fire, fungal and corrosive resistance to a product that is fiberglass and formaldehyde free! All UltraTouch products can be installed without protective clothing, gloves and masks.







UltraTouch+ Sound Control System: Repurposed denim is becoming so popular that UltraTouch has added a new product to their line – sound absorption panels. They are easy to install, reduce decibel levels (STC), provide thermal insulation and eliminate the need for layers of drywall. The Sound Control System is a combination of high-density batt insulation and vibration damping strips.

recycled-denim-insulation-xlWe would be happy to talk to you about installing this insulation in your home or business. UltraTouch products have also been used in RV’s and buses, firewalls, floorboards, dog houses, refrigeration units, sleeper compartments in tractor/trailers and engine compartments.

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