Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You…!

It may be hot outside now but winter is coming. Dire cold predictions for this winter are noted in The Old Farmer’s Almanac as it says we are in for a LONG cold winter. The media is also reporting a super cold winter with lots of snow in the Eastern US. Are you ready? If not, read our previous post on denim insulation then consider snow guards as well. With lead-times for these products it may be necessary to act now in order to be ready for what we hear is coming!    Thad Claggett

The snow poses many challenges for owners. It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s heavy. Those three things can lead to disaster for your church, business, industry or home. The time is NOW to prepare and make sure you don’t get caught in an awkward situation this winter. Now is the best time to inspect your roof for damage (not only from the many storms we’ve had, but from winter). There are three things you should ask yourself in regard to winterizing:

1. Safety – what will keep my building safe for all who enter/exit? Do you have steep slopes that would allow snow or ice to fall on someone below?

2. Budget – which is worse, minor upfront costs, or major personal injury or damage to vehicles, equipment, etc.?snow guard original_polycarbonate_MMHQ

3.  Aesthetics – what is available that is going to blend in and still be functional?

Safety: Snow guards or rails are designed to keep you safe. They limit movement of snow and ice on your roof by being structured in a pattern to maximize melt flow and prevent huge clumps of snow or ice to fall from your building.

Budget: Snow guards and rails come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. We can find one to fit into your budget easily! Whether you choose plastic or metal, surface mounted or seam mounted, there are a variety of colors, materials and functions available for your selection.


Aesthetics: Of course you want to make sure your snow guards or rails are complementary to your existing building. You want your roof to be safe, cost effective while not sticking out like a sore thumb. With metal roofs, you can match the color of your existing roof to the snow guard or rail. You can have something that makes a statement or blends in and remains naturally camouflaged.

6500-snow-guard-on-roof-5_1024x1024 MCN_EYB_Berger_Apr14_1_216x217 November 2007 001 Snow_Guards_0141_DJFss1

No matter what your budget or needs may be, Ohio winters can be harsh and adding snow guards or rails could be a cost saving option.

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