What Lies Beneath….

One of the components of a building that adds a great deal of functionality and enjoyment to a building is the floor coverings that are used. In this blog segment, we explore some commercial products to simply give you a taste of the great variety and uniquely specialized products that make these spaces function as they should. Think of these products as your shoes: if they’re not comfortable, you’re not comfortable. Let us know if we can help you add value to the building you walk in.

Thad Claggett

photo8Recycled rubber sport surfaces have gained in popularity in the past few years. Density,regu puzzle resilience and wear resistance are not normally terms paired with aesthetics. However, Regupol has developed a sport and fitness flooring that is both durable and beautiful. The Aktiv series is slip resistant, sound absorptive and non-reflective making your workout or training facility virtually injury free! The Aktivlok is comprised of puzzle-like pieces jointed together. They can be laid directly on a sub-floor or finished floor without permanent bonding. Easy to replace or customize with your logo, Aktivlok serves a variety of purposes in your athletic facility.

Altro_Timbersafe_11Slip resistance is extremely important in commercial kitchens, health care, educational and hospital facilities. But how do you manufacture the beauty of a wood floor with a non-slip surface? Enter Altro’s Timersafe II, a phthalate-free wood product that exceeds industryBanner-2 standards of slip resistance. With a variety of finishes, this flooring is sure to please and handle well for years to come. If you want your flooring to look new for longer, try the Maxis Unity series. Designed to withstand high volumes of foot and wheeled traffic, this flooring option is great for corridors, laboratories, hospitals and high traffic public circulation areas.

PAR_OasisPressImagesIf it looks like marble, it must be marble – unless it’s Parterre’s Sensatia collection. Available in many sizes and colors, this versatile vinyl flooring delivers a unique, fashionable design that is extremely durable.  Used widely in hospitals, wellness facilities, restaurants, commercial offices and universities; you can find something for every taste.

real_waikatoBright ideas are what Marmoleum from Forbo is all about! Bright colors, bright patterns, bright performance! This flooring is anti-static, antimicrobial, USDA certified 100% biobased with a 30 year system service life! The vivid colors and patterns are excellent for use in daycare facilities, elementary schools, pediatric hospitals or anywhere children can spend many hours.

Our final flooring iNora stairss from Nora. Often overlooked, stair and stair-treads are getting some well deserved attention! Norament stair treads come in round texture, striated texture or ridged on the edge. Each tread piece consists of the nosing, tread and rise all in one piece so it’s completely customizable with any pattern, color scheme, or existing decor.  With a variety of colors and textures, your stair surfaces can make an impact on your clients and customers!

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