Natural Light, Natural Materials

This week’s blog features a variety of products from lighting to counter-tops. These products are innovative, durable, and might just make sense for your next project.   It never ceases to amaze us how manufactures continue to refine products to solve some issue that previous products were lacking in some way!  We hope that as you are exposed to our sampling of new items that you will be encouraged to use our design and building services to meet your needs!

Thad Claggett

metaluxFirst up is Metalux (from Cooper Lighting). This company produces some of the most innovative lighting fixtures. Every year they roll-out multiple variations of the same product to fit a variety of needs. The Accord Series uses a linear LED platform with many features; three color temperatures, 2 LED light levels per fixture, 3 shielding options, a shallow depth and tool-less design all of which make this product unique. The Accord’s high performance LED system has an advanced light distribution and an attractive, nondescript appearance with energy savings and aesthetics! They deliver the best watt-per-square-foot scenarios because of the advanced refractive optics which distribute light more uniformly. These light fixtures work well for commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Verge Lavatory Systems from The Bradley Corp. This new lavatory system is made from Evero, a blend of natural quartz, verge2granite, exotic materials, and a bio-based resin which is more durable than granite. Evero is virtually maintenance-free and GREENGUARD certified. The Evero natural quartz surface has one feature that is worth noting – it’s moldable. No more harsh corners and linear granite surfaces. Evero lets you design with curves and elegant shapes. It comes in a wide variety of colors and textures for functionality in many different settings.

solarbanSOLARBAN 67 glass from PPG Industries. This new architectural glass reflects true ambient color and light. The unique low-e coating developed by PPG enables Solarban 67 glass to provide exceptional levels of solar control performance not typically associated with transparent glass. This glass also has low levels of interior and exterior reflectance which further enhances the ability to reflect true-to-life color. The Solorabn 67 glass can be specified with clear glass or with blue, green and earth-tone gasses such as Atlantica, Azuria, Optiblue, Pacifica, Solarblue or Solargray. With this coating, your building will have a clean, crisp and clear exterior presence.

extechExtech GridLock Glass System: Snap in glass block? Who could have imagined that? Exterior Technologies, Inc. has developed a unique grid system that locks blocks into place in a durable fashion with low maintenance. Nearly unbreakable 2″ thick solid glass blocks combined with a high degree of visual clarity provide unmatched durability and attractiveness. The “Snap-in” system makes installation easy and maintenance even easier. Superior graffiti resistance protects against vandalism and simple pressure wash cleaning is all you need for upkeep. Extech offers numerous finishes to let you customize your project. Some of the blog-worthy features are:

  • Simple block “snap-in to replace” eliminates the need to remove sealants or adhesives
  • Can be adapted to various existing opening sizes
  • No exposed fasteners
  • Light-weight pre-fab aluminum frames are easily and quickly installed with no mortar
  • No ledges to collect dirt and debris
  • Unlike mortared systems, the joints will not deteriorate, effloresce, build-up dirt or discolor

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