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This article deals with an item that on the surface may not strike you as being something that would be of interest to “normal”  building needs.  However, having the ability to drive (or park) on grass areas regularly or sporadically (in all kinds of weather) without causing damage to the surface might be a significant advantage if fully thought through.  There are many different methods for accomplishing this “Grass Paving”  and we have featured a few of them here.   Please call us to discuss your situation and we can choose from a world of products that will best fit your needs.

Thad Claggett

Over a decade ago, grass pavers came onto the scene and filled a niche for those who wanted to integrate “green” technology into their projects and make a contribution to the eco-environment with minimal damage to the surrounding neighborhood in visual display or function. Now geo paving systems have proven their usefulness bypasses just the “green” market and forging into new territory. Geopaving systems can now assist with storm water run-off, reduce impervious surface, and increase green space. This paving system is designed to handle demanding loads and still protect grassways and turf. Pedestrian trails, walkways, emergency access lanes, overflow parking, Geoblock provides high environmental benefits and low environmental impact. Geoblock increases groundwater recharge and decreases surface runoff associated with paved surfaces. They are manufactured from up to 97% recycled polyethylene. It also protects your vegetated surfaces. Depending upon the subbase and loading, Geoblock units can be placed directly on the subgrade without additional base materials.

celpav02As you can see from this detail, the deeper cells protect topsoil and vegetative root zone from damage  caused by repeated loadings.

blog grass paver 1Functional and durable, fire departments have performed rigorous tests on worst-case scenarios with exceptional results. If the load of the fire truck won’t damage the geopavers, it’s safe to say, it’s durable enough for your next project. Typical application areas include apartments, office and sports complexes, commercial/industrial buildings, churches and educational facilities.

The Geoblock system is designed for easy installation requiring less site preparation, less subgrade improvement, less excavation and less structural base than other porous pavement systems. Geoblock systems scan easily be installed with contoured areas and can be cut with regular hand or power tools. irrigation systems can be easily integrated in the system. The units large and easy-to-handle size maximizes project scope while minimizing labor and installation costs.

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Popular producers of paving systems are:

Presto Geosystems (noted in this blog with their GeoBlock system)

Invisible Structures

Site Supply, Inc.


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