New In the Marketplace

The marketplace isn’t just where we buy and sell. Today it’s a place where we can share ideas and think in innovative ways. These products bring fun into the marketplace with the simple ingenuity.

UnknownXSP Streetlight from Cree. This street lamp uses a lower mercury level to become more energy effecieint. These LED lights combine unique technologies of LED light engines and BetaLED NanoOptic Precision Delivery Grid optics. This gives you a product of 100 lumens per watt. You can see various designs at

white_caramel_extended_mountHaiku Fans – true poetry in motion. What makes this ceiling fan so special is that it exceeds Energy Star requirements by 450% to 750%! The effecient motor eliminates the need for a large casing so you are left with a simple, not bulky, design.

Jakarta-Market-Blend-3-300x150Viridian Reclaimed Wood brings beauty and sustainability to any project whether residential or commercial. Imagine the impression your clients and customers will have of these products! Viridian has pioneered a great product using reclaimed wood of all sorts, European beech, oak, spruce, Russian pine, Jukarta Market Blend (various Asian tropical woods) and Douglas fir.

Finally, The Nendo Collection from Italian designers at Bisazza. With a classic and simple design the functionality of the product is paramount. Clean lines and identifiable geometric shapes bring style and efficiency to modern designs.images

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