Under Construction

Interior products are the highlight of this blog.  From glass walls to folding windows and more! These products offer a variety of uses and come in a variety of options. Check out http://www.cpbmagazine.com for more product information:

glass wallGlass Wall System: Clear glass panels in custom colors (and still available in gray, bronze, etched and silkscreen) provide exceptional resistance to unwanted sound while still letting in natural light. Moveo acoustical glass wall panels from Modernfold use moveable systems of horizontal rails, single-point fitting, or folding sliding systems to achieve and aesthetic and functional balance.

windowUltra series folding windows are an award winning innovation! These completely custom windows can be as large as 52′. Designed with pass-thru accessibility, these windows come with 8 panels per side, 4 operation styles, configurations may be reversed,  and various interior or exterior finishes.


brickBelden Brick has come up with a structural brick in many colors and sizes and is available in thru-wall units.  They come in grays, buffs, reds, browns, and blacks.

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