Here are some new items in the marketplace – you might find these interesting:

tng trim

Versatex Trimboard’s WP4 PVC tongue-and-groove profile features a  V-groove center match, the 3/4- by 5 7/16-in. profile meets the needs of builders and architects seeking a durable, workable replacement for the conventional pine WP4. The WP4’s versatility has made it the traditional solution for wainscoting, soffits and porch ceilings. Applications include interior and exterior paneling, fencing, porch skirting, hot tub enclosures and shed doors. WP4 is sold in 18-ft. lengths. Installation requires ordinary carpentry skills, tools and fasteners. It is impervious to moisture and insect damage.

Progressive Foam Technologies’ Fullback FC Premium and Halfback H20 sidingPremium are made of BASF Neopor thermal foam. Both products can deliver up to a 20 percent higher R-value compared to conventional EPS, with the same amount of material. Neopor from BASF contains high-purity graphite particles that impart a silver-gray color, reflects radiant heat and improves insulation capacity. This siding insulation reduces energy usage and keeps moisture out while letting homes breathe naturally.

waterClean, clear, contaminant-free water now comes fromGE’s water filtration system as part of its recently launched French door refrigerators. The filtration system removes 98 percent of five trace pharmaceuticals, including ibuprofen, atenolol, fluoxetine, progesterone and trimethoprim, from water and ice. The new filters also are easy to remove and replace, located on the door panel, in the GE Profile and Café models.

Quick textured wall repairs are possible with theHomax oil-based Pro Grade 1302-qr-whats-new-homax-pro-gr_10860503Wall Texture for punch-list repairs, patches and small remodeling projects. Featuring a delivery system that provides the performance of a hopper gun and the convenience of an aerosol, it has a drying time of five minutes. The self-priming, oil-based advanced formulation has the lowest odor of its kind. It is tinted for better visibility, allowing professionals to easily see their repairs.

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